Still Thick as a Brick (CD/DVD 2020)

album sample

Part 1: Prelude (2:00)
Part 2: Time out (4:03)
Part 3: Years on the Fast Track (3:31)
Part 4: Rellington Town (6:17)
Part 5: The Club of Hopeful Pinions (3:55)
Part 6: The Foray of the Sharks (5:37)
Part 7: Sentimental Depreciation (5:19)
Part 8: Nervesoothers (3:10)
Part 9: The Great Dance around the Golden Calf (3:35)
Part 10: Bedlam (5:48)
Part 11: Look across the Sea (4:24)

All tracks were composed, arranged and produced by Lutz Meinert.
Together with George Boston, he also wrote all the lyrics.




Full members of Reflection Club who participated in the making of the album were:

Nils Conrad
electric guitar

Paul Forrest
lead vocals, acoustic guitar, flute on Part 2: Time out

Ulla Harmuth
flute on all parts except for Part 2: Time out

Lutz Meinert
drums,percussion, organ, piano, harpsichord, electric and double bass, vibraphone,
glockenspiel, occasional background vocals

Performing guest musicians were:
The Rellington Resort Orchestra directed by Laura Palmer
Vanessa Wiltshire, solo violin in Part 6 - Sentimental Depreciation and Part 10 - Bedlam

The Little Indian Restaurant Ensemble – sitar and percussion

The Rellington Bagpipe Club Willy Scotty – bagpipes and whistles

Some strong-voiced members of the soccer club FC Rellington with shouts and zany sounds

Lead vocals, acoustic guitar and flute on Part 2: Time out were recorded at Woodland Studios by Paul Forrest.

Electric guitars were recorded at Bottstaedter Studio, Schwante by Nils Conrad.

All other instruments and background vocals were recorded by Lutz Meinert at Imago Studio, Berlin, where he also had mixed and mastered the album to stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

Album design by Lutz Meinert.