A legend is continued...             The REFLECTION CLUB presents STILL THICK AS A BRICK

"Tull-Prog that is not copied, but inspired, arranged and produced with passion and compositional substance. Singer Paul Forrest shines, the fantastic presentation leaves nothing to be desired." (Eclipsed magazine)  > full review

"The entire work consists of new songs that are only stylistically related to the classic, but in detail show fresh ideas and welcome excursions into other realms (jazz, blues, fusion). ... You can hardly get more Jethro Tull feeling." (Classic Rock magazine)
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Logo Classic Rock"Reflection Club has definitely succeeded in creating a progressive highlight of 2021 with this album inspired by Jethro tull's Thick As A Brick - a real total work of art consisting of book, newspaper, vinyl, CD and DVD!" (musikreviews.de)  > full review

"Still Thick as a Brick is a decidedly well-done bow to the classic! Unconditional recommendation for this great total work of art, on which much is offered for ears and eyes." (Empire magazine)  > full review

"Still Thick As A Brick really doesn't need to hide from its great role model Thick As A Brick." (Baby Blue Pages) > full review

"A refreshing album, rich in detail and despite the many Tull borrowings never a mere copy of the British heroes. Artrock nerds and proggies with just a bit of sense will grab this without hesitation!" (stormbringer.at)  > full review

"An absolute highlight without any weak points. Still Thick As A Brick already belongs for me in the selection for the album of the year." (musikzirkus-magazin.de)
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"It feels like I've traveled into a magical, parallel Tull universe that I don't want to wake up from. ... Tull fans should definitely take the time to explore this release, while progressive rock fans can look forward to an enchanting concept album with impeccable performances." (dprp.net)  > full review

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